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1. Permanent Staffing / Executive Placement

Future Box Solutions P Ltd is a full-service human resource consulting firm which has been operating throughout India, & our emphasis is on providing cost-effective, specialized assistance in locating qualified, skilled personnel in a wide range of occupational areas, including:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Administration
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Call Center
  • HR
  • Medical Marketing Sales
  • Retail Software
  • Billing
  • Testing
  • Automation
  • CSR
  • Receptionist
  • Counter sales
  • Inside sales
  • Miller
  • ERP
  • Operator
  • Supervisor
  • Front office executive
  • Backend networking
  • System admin

It is a matter of great concern today that many establishments are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right candidate for a specific project or task. As a result, their HR departments are compelled to manage with the candidates that are somewhat suitable and available. But in the long run, this kind of adjustment plays with the team performance and projects suffer as a consequence. Deadlines are not met and the work done may be shoddy and incomplete. By the time they fire such employees after realizing that it was an unwise decision to recruit them, it is too late. They have to stare at heavy losses and further orders are affected.

So what should have been the correct move in the first place?

These companies should have approached good agencies that provide permanent staffing solutions. Future Box Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one such fastest-growing provider of Permanent Staffing Services. It caters to reputed IT and non-IT companies, establishments and firms all over India.

Future Box Solutions assists you in selecting the most suitable candidates in any field on a permanent basis. With a dedicated belief of total commitment to the companies for whom Future Box Solutions provides permanent staffing services, it delivers value for money by careful screening of individual profiles. Our database for permanent staffing services includes serious candidates that possess the requisite experience and exposure to do complete justice to the nature of duties assigned. Hence if you need permanent staff for your company, rest assured, Future Box Solutions will fulfill your HR needs and you can enjoy a relaxed and stress-free staffing procedure.

2. Temporary Staffing / Contract Staffing

Future Box Solutions offers flexible staffing in India. Many companies are leveraging the services of staffing companies to gain access to talent and adjust their workforce based on the cyclical needs of their business. We offer contract, contract-to-hire and permanent staffing solution to quickly increase and decrease your workforce.

Our contract staffing services enable you to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. Companies rely on a temporary staffing agency’s contract staffing to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements and reduce their workforce during slow periods. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows your company to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing employee-related costs.

Future Box Solutions Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a popular Contract Staffing Services Company that caters to all your contract staffing needs anywhere in India.

It is very important for any organization to maintain a team of the most apt employees who will give their best in order to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) and thus enhance its profits and markets. With a growing number of important projects required to be completed within set deadlines in companies, many human resource departments are finding it advantageous to hire people on a contractual basis. It is a fact that many organizations cannot boast of having on its board all employees with the necessary experience and skills in order to complete specific projects in the targeted time. Furthermore, they have to deal with irregular work-loads, absenteeism and staff shortages. The best way to combat such difficulties is to reach out for befitting professionals on a contract basis and hence, Future Box Solutions Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides top contract staffing services to IT and non-IT companies all over India. The agency prides itself in thoroughly understanding your corporate requirements and making available to you such people as per your contract terms and conditions. Our meticulous and professional screening process filters all applicants and provides only the top talented candidates that are the right fit for your job description and which perfectly suit your business requirements.

Future Box Solutions helps you in the hiring process of individuals by delivering pioneering contract staffing solutions that are competitive enough to suit the varying requirements of the corporate offices. The duration and the terms of such contracts may vary greatly, but, rest assured, our Contract Staffing Solution Company does ensure the speediest supply of the correct database of exceptional candidates at your desired time and place.

Future Box Solutions Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides the finest contract staffing services in India. Whatever may be your requirement in any branch of IT or non-IT department, we are more than happy to fulfill the same with the right fit of talented professionals. Future Box Solutions goes out of its way to completely comprehend the type of candidates that will match your contract needs, sift through their huge records and select the creamiest of exceptional professionals. Thus it goes without saying that we endeavor to give you such contractual workforce that will undoubtedly not only match up to your expectations but also be beneficial to your company, to deliver as required.

Future Box Solutions Staffing Solution is the most reliable Contract Staffing solutions company in India. We match your requirements of contract staffing anywhere in India. We connect the best aspiring candidates with your best contractual prospects. And the amalgamation of the two would surely be a great force of the best business output!

So if you require employees on contract basis anywhere in India, do contact Future Box Solutions Staffing Solution Company. All that you need to do is to send us the description of the nature of your contract project along with expectations of skill levels and experience of the candidates and leave the rest to us!

Benefits of Contract Staffing to Companies: –
  • Future Box Solutions Contract Staffing Services is a faster option than regular recruitments as it saves the company its time and energy required for sourcing, initial screening and setting up appointments
  • The candidates made available through contract staffing are already shortlisted on the basis of their skill sets and experience levels; hence contract staffing is preferred
  • If companies are not satisfied with any employee’s performance, they only need to inform Future Box Solutions and he/ she will be immediately replaced
  • Future Box Solutions holds responsibility of contract staffing team and any discrepancies in the same will immediately be taken care of by us; hence it lessens your hiring risks
  • Hiring for contract staff through Future Box Solutions increases company’s flexibility for increasing or reducing staff as per business needs

3. Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing

Future Box Solutions Pvt. Ltd. lends you a helping hand to offer the best remote/ virtual employees for all your staffing needs in India and also across the globe. Prior to connecting them to you, we ensure that they are timely-committed, dedicated and as professional to the work as per your needs for the same.

Future Box Solutions is a firm believer of recommending the most qualified of all candidates from our matchless database, to conform to the expertise, knowledge and credentials required by clients for their remote or virtual staffing requirements not only in India, but at any place all over the world. With the help of such a flexible workforce, companies can rise to the ever- increasing demands of their business expansions and succeed in them. It also proves to be advantageous to corporate offices as they are made available talented professionals at affordable costs as compared to the salaries they pay to their in-house employees.

Future Box Solutions - Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing Services prides itself in setting the highest standards for that perfect match of skill sets and experience levels required for your specifications of professionals, as far as offering remote or virtual staff is concerned. The candidates that we propose are checked for their authentic identities and recommendations from reliable sources. This is done to ensure that when you connect with them, you are saved the hassles of re-checking all important and necessary facts about them. You can simply go ahead with the work schedules planned and reach out for your set work- goals with added inspiration from these talented specialists, who are bound to add value to their outputs. After all, they, being selected specifically for your important projects, will necessarily be technologically sound and technically efficient in order to measure up to your advanced IT processes

Hiring remote or virtual staff is advantageous as it saves the human resources departments of big companies the time of delving into innumerable resumes of candidates for screening, interviewing and taking on board, the selected professionals as their permanent staff members. In addition, the risk that these permanent employees may not prove themselves to be up to the mark will persist. Future Box Solutions is capable of intricately seeking and providing expert remote staff that will avert the creation of such adverse situations. Future Box Solutions will thus help corporate offices form good virtual teams by selecting people with the perfect blend of skills and expertise, which will conform smartly to the demands of their projects. In fact, the teams so formed could even prove to be better than your in-house employees!

The other benefit of connecting with Future Box Solution Pvt. Ltd. for your Virtual/ Remote Staffing requirements is that by hiring virtual staff, your overhead expenditure is reduced because even a small area will suffice for your office without the added expenses of furniture and fixtures. Utility payments will be reduced as well.

Thus, for all your Virtual Employee needs, Future Box Solutions is always at your service, as we provide specialized IT remote / virtual staffing services all over India and the world. We are just a phone call away!

Benefits of Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing to Companies: –
  • Companies are saved time and money which would otherwise have been necessary for their office-space, furniture and fixture
  • Future Box Solutions helps companies reduce their overhead costs through its remote/ virtual staffing services
  • Companies have the advantage of gaining access to candidates all over India.
  • Qualified remote or virtual employees, once being assigned their duties, work responsibly at a pace comfortable to them; that which conforms to the time and deadline of the client companies. This increases their productivity as there is a sense of liberty within them; not being confined within the walls of corporate offices, with time-bound work hours and constant supervision of seniors
  • The virtual employees help companies in posting higher profits for the companies they work for as compared to a situation with regular on-board employees, as the former need to keep proving themselves to continue working

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